Lucee TAG Finalisation

The Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS) are pleased to announce the finalisation of the technical advisory group (TAG). As previously announced, anyone was open to submit an application to be a member of the TAG and 11 applications were received by LAS.

Lucee supporters were then asked to vote for two representatives from this list of 11 and they elected Sean Corfield and Luis Majano, as previously announced.

Lucee member organisations were next asked to vote for 3 from the remaining 9 and they elected Mark Drew, Dominic Watson and Brad Wood.

The Lucee management board were then asked to elect two representatives from the core committers to the Lucee project and they selected Michael Offner and Igal Sapir.

Further to this the management board have also decided it would like to even out the number of representatives for each category giving three to each, instead of the two, three, two formation it had previously decided upon.

In line with votes this would therefore elect Kai Koenig from the supporters vote (as 3rd placed in the supporters vote was Mark Drew, elected by the members) and elect Simon Hooker as a core committer to expand the representation of core developers already committing to the project.

The TAG will begin having meetings very soon and all meeting minutes, decisions and so on from the TAG will be made available publically.

The complete TAG is: