New Beta Release of Lucee 5

A new release of the Lucee 5 beta is now available including a range of bug fixes and improvements.

A couple of issues in the syntax and also a problem in the OSGi Engine have been addressed in this release in addition to a smaller issue with the Lucene extension.

The release has resolved the following bug reports:

#251: static method syntax doesn't work as advertised
#255: isCustomFunction() behaviour for arrow functions should match that for conventional function-literal syntax
#256: Static is ignored in interfaces
#257: Abstract components don't work
#264: rest service fails when listener mode is set to modern

The new version can be downloaded from the links on the download page. This new version is available as the Express package, JARs and a WAR file.

Thank you so much for all the feedback and bug reports so far. Please give any more feedback either via the Google Group or raise a bug report.