Core Developers

Michael Offner

Michael was born in Switzerland in 1973. In 1995 he left his job as an auto mechanic and found his way into the information technology during the dot-com hype.

In order to deal with the increasing requirements of the IT business next to the usual "learning by doing", Michael earned his Masters degree in I.T. as a Software Engineer at the Department of Engineering and Information Technology in Bern.

He started Railo as a diploma project where he was supposed to write a compiler for translating CFML into CFXD (Cold Fusion XML Document), an XML-based description language for Coldfusion.  In late 2014 Michael left the Railo project.  A few months later he started the Lucee project as a fork of the Railo LGPL code.

Michael is someone who puts his heart and soul into programming.  He knows Coldfusion since version 3.0, and Java nearly as long as well.  Michael lives with his wife Françoise and his 2 girls in the heart of the bernese alps in Switzerland.

Igal Sapir

Igal's fascination with programming has started in his early teens, over 30 years ago.  Programming languages like Basic and Pascal were quickly replaced by Assembly and C, and later on with Java and C#.

In the mid 1990's Igal has picked ColdFusion as the language of choice for web application development, and once he discovered the open source CFML engines, the migration to Railo, and then Lucee, was inevitable.  He studied the source code and became active in the mailing list.  Shortly afterwards he was invited to become a core developer of the engine.

Igal lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children, and when he is not working on Lucee, he is usually adding features to 100 Candles where he acts as CTO.

Simon Hooker

Simon has been developing websites since his time studying physics at university, filling his spare time with building a fan site for a few games.  He joined mso in 2007 where he was introduced to ColdFusion.  Since then his experience in both the travel and education industries has provided ample opportunity for him to improve his abilities both with CFML and supporting technologies.

He became involved with Lucee early on, having keenly advocated a migration from Adobe ColdFusion to Railo.  He is still with mso, who are a member of the Lucee Association, and is a member of the Lucee Technical Advisory Group.

Outside of the development world he loves Lego and sailing in equal measures.  When developing Lucee updates he’s usually looked down upon by a flock of Lego birds and, currently, Wall-E.  He volunteers for the Tall Ships Youth Trust and tends to spend most of his holiday time each year sailing on one of their Challenger yachts.  

Twitter: @simonhooker

Other Developers and Code Contributors

We'd like to thank the other developers who contribute to the Lucee code...