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As a non-profit, open-source project, Lucee Server could not exist without our members and supporters helping the Lucee project to grow and prosper. Being a supporter also means you are making sure that the project you rely on can continue and grow in the future.

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Check out our community forum. There is also a CFML Lucee Slack channel to find help or help other developers with Lucee/CFML related questions.

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Searching for documentation? Go to our documentation page and find what you are looking for. You can also help other developers and check what parts of the documentation need additional information and/or code examples. You can also participate in the blog via the forum.

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Lucee is an open source project. No license is required to download and use the Lucee code. We are always looking for partners and contributors. Are you a company? Then become a partner for only 599,- USD a month and get exclusive benefits! Are you a developer? Then become a contributor and do a monthly donation.