The Product

Lucee is a light-weight dynamic scripting language for the JVM that enables the rapid development of simple to highly sophisticated web applications. Lucee is fully compatible with the CFML Script and Tag Language.


A primary aim of Lucee is to provide the functionality of CFML using less resources and giving better performance, and the Lucee projects continues to "treat slowness as a bug" as a core development philosophy. Many performance tests have shown Lucee to perform faster than other CFML engines. In addition to this, Lucee attempts to resolve many inconsistencies found in traditional CFML. These are either forced changes in behavior, or configurable options in the Lucee Administrator. The Lucee team is always open to feedback and active at CFML community events, and is keen to remind people that Lucee is a community project.


Lucee is a JVM language and runs on the JVM as a servlet and will work with any servlet container (e.g. Apache Tomcat, Eclipse Jetty) or application server (e.g. JBoss AS, GlassFish).


Lucee is a derivate of the Railo Server (c) Project (Version 4.2) that was published under the GNU Lesser General Public License in Version v2.1 as well. The "Railo Company LCC" (TRC) is copyright owner of the initial code in this project, the "Lucee Association Switzerland" (LAS) is copyright owner of all the code added afterwards and with all significant changes to the existing code TRC and LAS share the copyright.

The Organisation

The Lucee project is lead by the Lucee Association Switzerland a non-profit swiss association based on the swiss civil code. The Lucee Association Switzerland a separate legal personality, with no liability to its members!


As a non-profit organisation Lucee relies on its members like the members also rely on Lucee. 


As a member of the “Lucee Association Switzerland” you have the right to vote at the general assembly (also possible by e-mail 24 hour in advance), you can define your own agenda items for the general assembly and you can vote for the following topics

  • approve of the report from the last assembly
  • approve of the annual report of the board
  • receipt the audit report and approve of the anunual financial statement
  • relief of the board
  • election of the president and the board
  • definition of the membership fee by category
  • approve of the annual budget
  • vote for agenda item brought by the board or members
  • vote for a change of the articles of the Association
  • vote to exclude members
  • vote to dissolve the Association and what has to happen with the Association assets (can only be transferred to a other non-profit Association)    


Act in the best interest of the Lucee Association Switzerland.


As member of the Lucee Association Switzerland you are NOT liable as stated in the swiss civil code Art. 75a1:

"The association is liable for its obligations with its assets. Such liability is limited to the assets unless the articles of association provide otherwise."

and in Art.14 of the articles of the Lucee Association Switzerland:

"The responsibility of the association is limited to the association’s assets and to the exclusion of any personal liability of members."