Why should you become a member of the Lucee Association Switzerland?

Development of Lucee is supported by the "Lucee Association Switzerland" established as an Association under the Swiss civil code. The goal of the Lucee Association Switzerland is to promote, support, and advance its open-source project.

Become a member if you are interested in supporting the project because you rely on Lucee as part of your product stack, or you are also interested to get more involved into the project itself to have influence on the future direction of the project. Or if you look for possible synergies between your services and Lucee itself.

  • Member benefits

    $599USD Monthly

    • As a full member of the Lucee Association Switzerland you can submit agenda items and get a vote at the general assembly
    • You can become part of the board of the Lucee Association Switzerland (when elected)
    • Gain full access to the Lucee Slack team, for internal LAS discussions.
    • 10 passes for all *Lucee conferences.
    • You can use the brand "Lucee - Member" in all our communication
    • Your branding features on brochures and official banners in all conferences that the Lucee Association Switzerland participates
    • We will provide brochures of your company at the Lucee booth at all conferences we participate in.
    • You get a booth and a speaking slot on all Lucee conferences.
    • You get listed on the www.lucee.org website as contributor with your own page (content subject to approval).
    • You get listed on the Lucee website as professional service provider.
    • You get the opportunity to add your goods to the supporters sections above (needs our approval).

    Member goods

    • Rasia is providing you a discount of 10% on all of its support contracts.

    discounts and services provided by other members are independent from the Lucee Association Switzerland