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We are an open source project and welcome contributions in all forms. If you want to dive into code, check out our Contributors guide. You can also get involved by jumping into our Slack team to join the conversation.


Getting started

Here you can find guides on how to get started with Lucee.


This documentation is built from an open source repository that is open to all to contribute. The repository can be found under the official Lucee team's GitHub account.


As a non-profit, open-source project, Lucee Server could not exist without our members and supporters helping the Lucee project to grow and prosper. Being a supporter also means you are making sure that the project you rely on can continue and grow in the future.


Lucee Members

The members of the Lucee Association Switzerland are responsible for steering the direction of the association. We are proud to have members from around the world that guide the association with their in-depth skills across the board. Being a member however is not a one-way street and there are many ways you can benefit from being a member.

More about our memberships

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Check out our Slack channel and find help or help other developers with CFML related questions.